Galen of the Ozdachs Pack (ozdachs) wrote,
Galen of the Ozdachs Pack

Because he's an Old-Fashioned Republican

"Governor backs same-sex marriage ruling" says the Chronicle headline. 

But then they go goofy with, "But the Republican governor's stance on same-sex marriage has been curious and confusing to many people. Since his election in 2003, Schwarzenegger has twice vetoed bills to legalize marriage for homosexual couples."

KCBS joined the chorus of confusion in their news reports this morning.  Schwarzenegger's "confusion" is the sound bite of the day in San Francisco.

Actually, Schwarzenegger is acting like a traditional, non-Bible-thumping Republican.  The kind of office holder I used to love to hate; the kind I worked against on election day.

But, Schwarzenegger's positions are consistent and principled, even if I don't agree with him on all of the issues.

He believes in respecting court decisions.  He believes in equality.  But he also believes in limited government (-- more limited than I do).   

Schwarzenegger has said he vetoed the legislature-passed marriage equality bills because the legislature was going against the will of the citizens expressed in a statewide referendum.  I understand that logic, even if Governor Ozdachs would have signed the bills.

Now Schwarzenegger is standing up for equality and respecting court decisions.  He's saying that the state has better things to do than codify discrimination.

Having a Republican governor fight a potential state constitutional amendment is wonderful.  Schwarzenegger will be a strong ally in this fight.  He's an ally who we will need.

Now, if the media could just help propagate the consistency of Schwarzenegger's actions rather than raising stupid questions, they'd be doing their job.


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