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Come Out, Turkey!

Send a Marriage Equality Post CardThe Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has created some sharp electronic post cards to send to family and friends to start the holiday conversation about marriage equality. 

I subscribe to the Harvey Milk approach to social change: telling our stories is the best way we can fight for our civil rights. These cards are a tool in the Milk-approach arsenal. 

"... talk to your family and tell them why marriage equality matters to you, " writes HRC president Joe Solmonese. "The conversation may be easy, or it may be hard. But in the wake of Prop. 8, a dialog to change hearts and minds has never been more important."

On the other hand, I am old fashioned enough and reserved enough to wonder if email is the right medium to make an important statement.  I've received email notifications of death, which stunned the Emily Post in me.  I wonder how Emily would react to an equality email!

Send the card or start the conversation in person:  it's your choice.  Let's just make sure we help our families and friends understand how personal Prop 8 is.

See the postcards and send them!

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