Galen of the Ozdachs Pack (ozdachs) wrote,
Galen of the Ozdachs Pack

Sharon and Betty, Betty and Bette

Sharon McNight’s Sophie Tucker Songbook

Sharon McNight, our favorite cabaret singer, closed her Betty, Betty, Bette tribute to Betty Hutton, Betty Grable, and Bette Davis last night at the Plush Room. Geoff, Harlan, blurkerbear and I helped David celebrate his birthday by cheering on Sharon.

The show was good fun. Sharon is a superb show woman, and she filled the spaces between songs with a lot of details about her three subjects.  The music was tamer and more limited than some of her past shows (such as Songs to Offend (Nearly) Everyone).  But, what a voice!  Besides, as Sharon said, how often in San Francisco do you get to see a woman do an impersonation of Bette Davis?

It was definitely another evening to write down on the list of why we live in San Francisco!


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