December 31st, 2004

Galen 2013

Links for Giving

Putting out my church's e-newsletter this week I did some reading of links on giving sites.

Lot's of good work is being done, but I am a cynic. Not only are the recent tsunmais horrific disasters, but they are also a business opportunity for some people. I guess my years as a police dispatcher validated my natural New England skepticism.

Here are the aid links I most like:

  1. American Institute of Philanthropy lists organizations providing relief who deliver the most services per dollar donated.  Too many organizations spend most of their money on third-party fundraising consultants.  The AIP links to organizations who deliver a majority of the money donated to the people in need, and they rate the groups listed on their site. 

    There are a reassuring bundle of aid organizations posted.  You can pick the ones who are focused on the recipient/country/effort that appeals to you most while selecting non-religious or religious programs that make you most comfortable.</br>
  2. KGO Radio has a nice list of non-profits providing aid to the Southeast Asia victims.

Happy New Year -- Happy Giving.

Galen 2013

An Ashland New Year's Eve

Ashland, OregonScraping ice off the car window is a not a skill I practice very much.  But, to get to Morning Glory before its parking lot filled this morning, I started my day by finding the scraper in the glove compartment and performing an initial de-icing.  Glad I don't have to do this every morning, but the fresh air and feeling of winter made it special today.

It's nice to be in a quieter town for the switch of the year.

We're off to the Peerless Hotel restaurant for the early seating and back to Hollis' and Mary Pat's where we have the big decision to make:  to stay up until midnight or not.