January 9th, 2007

Galen 2013

How to Talk to a Human

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gethuman recently re-rated 500 companies on the quality of their telephone customer service.  The results are ugly:

Grade - % of total number of companies
A - 1.80%
B - 4.01%
C - 3.81%
D - 6.01%
F - 84.37%
(from the gethuman blog)

The results are no surprise.  Too many companies seemed determined to dissuade consumers from getting help and to make consumers understand their own corporate divisions and policies.

The gethuman report card is getting a lot of press, including articles in the Washington Post.  While the media coverage of corporations being handed failing grades is satisfying to read, the real meat of the gethuman project is their list of company service numbers and instructions on how to bypass the automated attendants.

Before you make your next call, learn how to get to a human.