April 21st, 2007


Inane Media - Part 47,027

The breathless media questioning frenzy to discover why the mentally ill man killed 32 people stops me cold. 

What made him so angry? What happened that day? Why did he pick the buildings he did?

Just what part of "schizophrenic" don't reporters understand?


A Wolf Camera Warning

These folks have perfected the "It's not my fault -- what do you expect?" attitude once you've bought from them.

An under-warranty sensor cleaning of my Canon EOS RebelXT will take at least 2 weeks, maybe 6, maybe more, who knows? The store has to send every repair back to mother Wolf in Minnesota.

The guy I gave the camera to originally said 2 weeks but told me to call after a week so he could see if he could expedite it. I called and a veteran clerk who answered the phone was immensely patronizing as he ridiculed any idea of getting the camera back before 4-6 weeks. I hung up and decided to call back ask by name for the guy who had told me to call.

I phoned back yesterday and talked to the original repair clerk. He looked up the claim tag and discovered that the camera hadn't been checked into the Minnesota depot, 10 days after I gave it to the Van Ness Street store. By now the local clerk has drunk the company Kool-Aid, and he sounded astounded that I expected to get the camera back in 2 weeks. Oh, no... it takes 4, 6, or more weeks. This is for a simple, in-warranty repair.

Slow remote depot service coupled with a customer-hostile culture will keep me from buying more them these folks. They combine the lack of personal responsibility of a large chain (which they are) with the helplessness of a small camera shop (which each store is).