May 13th, 2007


Mother's Day Ceremony in the News

At least 150 people came and celebrated Mother's Day this morning on our church steps

Rev. Gregory Stewart talked to us of the historic meaning of the day. War veterans, war resisters, and Assemblyman Mark Leno spoke.  Karen Meredith was heartbreaking as she spoke of the last Mother's Day she was able to share with her son Ken before he was killed in the Iraq War.

KCBS-AM, KGO-AM, KTVU (Channel 2), Channel 11 (NBC), KPIX (Channel 5), www.Friction.TV, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and The Chronicle covered the public witnessing with reporters who identified themselves to me (I was the designated press contact). 

Jenna from KTVU (Channel 2) said that they would broadcast the ceremony on their 5 pm and 10 pm news.  redozdachs and I volunteered to TiVo the Channel 2 report. KPIX (Channel 5) said they would also run the story at 5.

By 2 pm KCBS-AM 740 was broadcasting sound bytes from the speeches as the lead local story at the top of the hour, after the national news. At 2 they started with words from our minister and then followed with Karen's statement. At 3 they began with a vet and followed with Karen. Rev. Stewart was back in the top slot at 4.

A story on the 2007 Mother's Day Proclamation of Peace is now up on KCBS's website  and is currently the lead.

KCBS-740's home page:

I feel good using Mother's Day for something more than a guilt-producing gift giving day, as an opportunity to think about more serious, more important family issues.

Here is the story I have found about the day on KCBS.  I'll update this blog  if more media outlets spreads the Mother's Day message.

KCBS-AM 740 report by Chris Filippi (MP3 audio report)