May 31st, 2007

Squaredancing Solo

Are You a Dancer or a Socializer?

apparentparadox’s post about his "Partly Cloudy" experience at the recent squaredancing convention rekindled my musings about the state of that “friendship set to music” hobby. I had a "mostly sunny" convention, but understand how Tim experienced the same event so differently.

There is a fundamental dichotomy in the squaredancing community. For some ("Dancers"), the joy of getting through – or at least nearly through –  complicated sequences is paramount. For others ("Socializers"), playing with their fellow dancers while testing/straining their personal limits is more important.

Very few people can both play with and in their squares while dancing extraordinarily well. Jordan is my role model for this type of bidanceual skill, although I have neither his personality or dancing ability. But, most people are either Dancers or Socializers.

There is not a greater good in one position or another. In addition, there is no permanence to these roles. I have seen Dancers slack off from their practicing and show up at a later convention as a self-righteous Socializer. And the mirror of that.Collapse )