July 4th, 2007

San Francisco Ozdachs Seal

When Daily Life Makes Me Forget San Francisco Values

Fighting with spam, battling telephone companies, and doing the routine daily maintenance easily becomes the focus of life and blog material. I forget how special our San Francisco community is. 

Preacher's Sons the MovieIt's devilishly easy to turn maneuvering through a too crowded grocery store into an Issue that dominates the day.  Or, MUNI's lack of service can seem most important.

Fortunately, a woman I have met just once sent me a link to the YouTube trailer she's posted about the documentary she's making about two gay men adopting five children.

Yeah, one of the men is the minister of my church who I've blogged about. So, obviously I should know their lives are extraordinary and noteworthy. Hello! A straight couple in LA is documenting that family as a statement about gay marriage, the foster care system, gay adoption, and other true Issues.

But, I keep seeing the minister, his partner, and the kids week in and week out in mundane circumstances. I forget how important they are and how our life in San Francisco is unusual.
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