February 16th, 2008


Where Are The Scurrilous Rumors about the Republicans?

Snopes for Urban LegendsWe all know that Barack Obama is a radical Muslim who will not recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton helped free two Black Panthers accused of murder and as Senator refused to meet with a delegation of Gold Star mothers.

We know this because email and the Internet tell us so.

I hunt Snopes, the Urban Legend site, for myths to debunk or confirm for my clients' electronic newsletters to their customers.  The legends make for good light reading, and the mention of scams can help people from becoming victims.

This week when I was trolling Snopes for something to write about, I noticed that 2 of the top 10 topics that the site investigated deal with the [mostly false] comments about the Democratic Presidential candidates. 

Checking out the pages, I saw a collection of horrible lies, 1/8th truths, and twisted facts that are currently popularly circulating on the Internet.

Rumors or reports about any of the Republican candidates weren't in the top 25.

It used to be that political mudslinging was reserved for professional politicians and their operatives. Now anyone can Swift Boat a candidate from the privacy of his or her own keyboard.

So why are most of the malicious email directed at Democratic targets?  Is it coincidental? Or, could it be for the same reason that most Hate Radio shows are hosted by divisive right-wing frothing "entertainers".