March 4th, 2008

Galen 2013

How Do You Report Sales Calls Coming to Your Cell Phone?

We've  been getting sales calls directly to Geoff's cell phone.  The automated voice says she's calling about our car warranty is about to expire. (That's unlikely, since one car is new and the other is 16 years old.)

The calls have been from:
562 228-7160
502 894-0098.

Today Geoff pushed "1" to speak to a representative. The guy immediately asked for the type of car and year we had.  Geoff parried with questions about who his company is. The guy said he was from Great Atlantic Warranty in Florida.

Geoff doesn't give out his cell number, and nothing forwards to it.  So... these call spammers are using some cell phone list.

Anyone know who/how to report them?