April 25th, 2008

Galen and Geoff formal photo

Sailing to San Francisco

redozdachs and I are MIA (or, rather in MIA) waiting for the 11 am bus to take us from our red-eye flight to the Ft. Lauderdale dock where the Coral Princess will sail to San Francisco.  The five-hour layover in baggage claim is 5 minutes shorter than the cross-country flight.

But, 15 days of post-tax-season relaxation sounds lovely. 

Coral Princess bridge cam

The bridge cam will show our progress to, through, and past the Panama Canal.  Better views of the locks are on the authority's site.

We'll be passing through next Wednesday (the 30th).  We'll hit the Gatun locks about 6 am Pacific time, I think, but it'll be a more reasonable time when we go through the Miraflores. Look for us... we'll be the ones on the deck waving.

Comments about Princess cubed are superfluous.