October 31st, 2008


Unbalanced Science

For a one-day honeymoon on Monday we explored to the renovated California Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park.

We arrived at 9:30 when the doors opened, snagged our 10:30 am planetarium tickets, whizzed through the Rain Forest, saw the planetarium show, viewed the roof garden, ate, went to the bug show, braved the strollers to walk through the remaining space, and left happy and a bit dazed in the middle of the afternoon.

The Academy preaches environmentalism in all exhibits, floor space, and in nearly every utterance. They have a point of view.

Unfortunately, they promote their view at the expense of science.  Not a good thing for an organization with the "Academy of Science" in its name.
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Dear Grim Reaper

From today's Field Poll on Prop 8:

All age subgroups under age 65 are opposing Prop. 8 by doubled-digit margins. However, voters 65 and over are strongly in favor of the initiative, backing Prop. 8 by a nearly two to one margin (62% Yes vs. 32% No).
Most of the people over 65 who I know are militant lefties, firmly in the 32% camp.  Yet, I'm trying hard not to say something snarky about wanting to honor more old people on the Day of the Dead,... or going to the older enclaves of Orange County and giving a Klingon battle cry, "It's a Good Day to Die!"