November 4th, 2008


Media Moments

redozdachs had a five-second statement on KPIX-5's report on Prop 8 last night, and I was in that clip for about 2 seconds myself.  Geoff appeared under a banner that identified him as a newlywed.  He also was in the front of the candlelight crowd scene on Channels 4, 7, and 11. Channel 2 ran a report, but didn't include us. 

Fun personal notes.

More interesting, in each of the TV  stories, the No on 8 voice came from a church – our church.  The countering Yes on 8 reports featured people yelling on street corners.  Kinda a nice reversal. Nice to see religious organizations featured doing something inclusive and for justice instead of advocating divisive discrimination. 

Here's a message: religion can be -- and should be -- a force for life and love.