November 9th, 2008


Do Not Come Between the Dragon and His Wrath

— (The Tragedy of King Lear, I. 1) Shakespeare

Yes, I am angry and I am sad, and I snarl and sigh. I am focused on fighting for my rights, and want to win in court and in all future public opinion polls and votes.

Yet, I know that now is not the time to talk, plot, plan, or think rationally.   

Many of my friends, gay and straight, are wildly furious.  It's the Mormons. It's Equality California's horrible campaign tactics. It's the black churches.  It's the Pope.

I was yelled at by a friend for a good long time Friday when I suggested that all religions were not part of the Yes on 8 movement.  I see another friend quoted in the paper saying that the Yes on 8 voters will get the hatred they worked for directed back at them.

It's obviously not time yet for constructive talk or work.

Still, as we keep saying, hatred is not a Family value.