November 16th, 2008

Gray Galen

Be Careful What We Wish For

Prop 8 Protest at San Francisco City Hall November 15, 2008Do we really want to remove tax exempt status from churches?

Churches already pay tax on business income. If they run a bookstore, a parking lot, or whatever, they pay taxes.

So taking away tax exempt status only means that contributions to them will no longer result in a charitable deduction on your income tax.

But even that small step will help de-fund their hate, right? Sounds reasonable, eh?

After all the Mormon and the Catholic churches advocated the passage of Proposition 8. Let’s punish them for being involved in the world. Even if their involvement for Prop is < 1/20th of their overall work in the community. (Yes, current rules already strip churches of their non-profit status if they use more than 5% of their budget on political issues. So you can be assured that the money these churches spent on gay bashing was a tiny part of their overall budget.)

But, we don’t like what the Mormon’s and Catholics did.

So, let’s make their life a bit more difficult. Sanction them for speaking out on the moral issues of the day and keep them inside their temples on their knees praying. Don’t let them venture into the real world with their unpalatable view of morality.

We really want that? We really want to punish churches who take stands on social issues? I don’t. Even when I think that they are horribly misguided.
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