December 15th, 2008

Flag and Gavel

Shoes For Sale

Shoes for SaleGenuine black leather shoes.
Size 10, briefly examined by Inspector GWB.

Scuffed, dirty soles in plain view. Obvious filth and dirt on bottom. Disgusting and disrespectful.

Perfect good-bye gift for disgraced invader, Illinois governor, or other shamed and self-deluded public figure.

Sometimes it takes a pair of shoes to tell the emperor that he is wearing no clothes.

(Surreally pompous news report on YouTube)
Galen 2013

Getting What You Ask For

The card store's categories are precise.  I scoured the aisles in vain for a get well card for a friend who is ill.  In fact, she's very ill -- she's dying.  She will start home hospice as soon as she's released from the hospital.

All of the cards in the get well section say, "Get Well". Most were jokey with open hospital gown backs or baleful looking puppy dogs.

It never occurred to me that sometimes it is inappropriate for a get-well card to shout "Get Well'.  Go figure.
I moved over to the rack holding cards with no message and found several suitable for sending.