January 3rd, 2009


Yield Pricing... or Intuit Tries to be United Airlines

Tony said last night that Quicken sent him email yesterday offering 50% off products for five days. 
It's getting time to upgrade the version I have , so I decided to to Quicken this morning to buy the latest.

When I went to the Intuit Quicken page from within my current version of Quicken, the products were at full price. No discounts, no deals.

So, I cleared the cookies and went to redozdachs's CPA firm's affiliate page and tried there.  The products were all 20% off. Still not 50%, and no other deals.

I cleared the cookies again and called Tony. He emailed me the link he used. Success!

Quicken on Sale... with special link

In addition to 50% off list price, with Tony's link Quicken Home and Office comes with Will Maker Plus 2009 and and Legal Business Pro 2008. 

I bought and downloaded.

I am pleased with the "deal". But, I am a white-bread man from New England who just wants to go into a store (or to a site) and buy. I want to be confident that I am getting a reasonable deal. I don't want to hunt, dicker, or play games.

I know when I fly that the person on my right paid 1/2 what I did and the person on my left paid 2x what I did. I know it, and don't like the randomness of it. I really don't like the pricing differences on commodity items.


Color me old fogy.