January 4th, 2009

Galen 2013

Is this Beta?

Microsoft deservedly gets dinged for its buggy software and practices.  But, Intuit is really trying to dethrone Bill Gate's alma mater.

After buying the newest version of Quicken Home and Office with its free add-ons and a reduced-price Home Inventory module, I can report: 
  • The main Quicken Home and Office seems okay.
  • When I went to register Quicken Legal Pro 2008, the web page refused. Instead it told me that support for the product expired December 31, 2008. So, this free module was already out-of-date when I bought the package.
  • The Home Inventory program is a mess.
    • On start-up HI asks if you want to convert the data files from earlier versions. I did. HI does something, but doesn't open the old file. After going on line and looking at the FAQ, it turns out that after the program converts the old data file, you have to find the file on your disk, rename it, and manually open it.  Why this is not part of the automated conversion process is left to the imagination of the [frustrated] user.
    • When you check for updates to the HI program, you get an error message saying that the updates failed to download. Another FAQ says that this message really means that there were no updates to download. 
    • The feature to transfer to Quicken the data entered in the Home Inventory program simply doesn't work. Yet another FAQ says that this bug is a known issue for which there currently is no solution or workaround.
The 1/2 price sale for the basic product was still a good deal. But, the rest?

I am embarrassed for software developers everywhere.