January 24th, 2009

Galen 2013

Born Again Virgin

Born Again Virgin Toyota Rear EndWe're glad to have the familiar Toyota back in the garage. I picked it up from Alioto's garage Thursday morning, and driving it around made us think that The City had suddenly repaved all of the roads.

Aside from 24 days of Kia Spectra rattling tin-can annoyance — and aside from the time and trauma of the initial crash — this has been an easy accident.

Bad enough, though. No more, please!
Array and Syntax tongues

Golden Gate Kennel Club

We went to the Golden Gate Kennel Club show at the Cow Palace this morning. Unlike most shows, this one is "benched". The dogs and their people exhibit on benches for the whole day, so the general public can come up and talk to the people and admire the dogs close-up.

Seventeen years ago we went to the same show meet breeders, and we met Syntax's breeder Ellen there.

Today we watched the judging of the long hair dachshunds in the ring, and then wandered through the three huge halls filled with dogs and canine accoutrement. Fun.

Judging of the long hair dachshunds

We also met up with Ellen again (after about 12 years), and talked to a few breeders.

There were a lot of cute puppy pictures around. I'm just saying.

[A few photos.]