April 18th, 2009

Flag and Gavel

#amazonfail -- Should it Go Away?

Amazon is really trying to put to bed the issue of its censorship-like de-ranking of GLBT books that hit the social media headlines last weekend.  They discovered THE problem was an error made by a French employee over the holiday weekend.  Now, they want to get on with their life.

The revisionist historians are already calling the Twitter post and outrage as a work of a mob.  Not the work of Internet friends or of a social network, but of an evil mob.

Except,... there are authors who have said that their GLBT-themed works were de-ranked months ago, not just last weekend when the supposed "error" was made. 

I want to buy from Amazon, but I really want a more complete explanation that doesn't have rough edges.

The best resource for more information I found this morning was Jon's Blog .