June 25th, 2009

Flag and Gavel

Free the MUNI Data

Routesy LogoMy favorite iPhone application has been Routesy (see http://www.routesy.com/ ).  The app figured out where I was, and would tell me arrival times for the MUNI routes I choose. 

The information was presented in an incredibly useful and clear way.  The Routesy app was even featured in the iTunes store as a staff favorite.

Suddenly, Routesy stopped working.
Apparently NextBus Information Systems claims that they are entitled to a prohibitively expensive fee of $1 per download for the MUNI data supplied it by our public transportation system. The app developer, Steven Peterson, says he is continuing to try to get access to the MUNI data feed, but for the moment, MUNI data is not being shared.

What gives??!   Isn't MUNI data public?  If not,… wow!  It should be!

I've emailed Supervisor Bevan Dufty who is also on the MTA.  I've also called MUNI at 415.701.4500 -- I got voicemail and left them a message.


Contrarian News Judgment

Michael Jackson, Mug Shot, 2003Would it be wrong to suggest that Michael's death is not likely to be an event important in our lives? 

Iran is in insurrection. Obama is fighting seemingly everyone trying to get meaningful health care reform into a system plagued by nay-sayers. California is about to stop helping very poor people survive because its politicians won't compromise. And on and on and on.

Michael is/was a troubled man with great musical talent which he hasn't used since probably 50% of people alive on the planet were born.

Bread and circuses are nice. How about freedom, reform, and good public policy?

Too boring to cover, I guess.