August 15th, 2009

Galen 2013

Don Quixote

Ashland, Oregon
at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Don Quixote (Armando Durán) prepares to find his destiny. Photo: Jenny Graham. Don Quixote by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra
Word Premiere adaption by Octavio Solis

The quest of our aging, would-be knight hero failed to pass a friend's "So what?" test, but even she enjoyed reasonably much the journey to nowhere.  Her reaction sums up the night.

This bright, broad evening was simply fun.  Colorful, meandering, adventure-filled.  Good-spirited, obvious, raucous. Fun.

The social context of knights, by-gone chivalry, and 1600's Spain are not part of my background.  This Don Quixote didn't bring Cervantes' story into the 21st Century.  The evening didn't make universal any of the incidents in the narrative.  If anything, modern clichés like "Titling at Windmills" and the word "quixotic" gave theater-goers insight into what they were seeing instead of vice versa. So, for me, there was not much to the play-going experience.

The plot follows Quixote from one misunderstood misstep to the next.  It was a montage of cute, fun, tragic, fun.

This adaption work had no bite, meaning, or value beyond well-done entertainment.  It's enough for a happy evening, but not enough to spend much time thinking about.
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The show is enjoyable, but not life changing. Not even evening changing. Here's to well done fluff!

Ozdachs Rating: 3 Syntaxes out of 5