Galen of the Ozdachs Pack (ozdachs) wrote,
Galen of the Ozdachs Pack

Tim for the Defense

San Francisco and Vallejo defense attorney Tim PoriI finished site for the San Francisco criminal defense attorney .  At least version 1.0.

Tim is very dedicated, bright, honest, and loves a good fight.  I don't want to need a lawyer, but if I ever do, I'd call Tim.  He reminds me of the hot-shot civil lawyers the company I used to work for hired to sue a competitor.  They were completely involved in the case.  The best of the team told me early on that, "We're junk yard dogs.  But, we're your junk yard dogs." The civil lawyers wound up creating an air-tight case that left us, well, very happy with the settlement.

Tim has the same passion for defending criminal cases as the civil firm had for the case involving corporate money. 

It was fun to hear Tim savor his past successes and talk about how he does things/finds things out for his clients that other lawyers wouldn't.  He's a good lawyer and a client whose services I hope I never use.

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