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I told my business clients and contacts that I would resume a regular publication schedule for my on-line newsletter.  This incarnation has short articles which point to the blog I started up as biz_ozdachs. I said I'd publish twice a month.

I thought the email/blog was a great idea until the reality of the need for content reached my consciousness... Here it is the 26th, I've been in Puerto Vallarta not thinking about business, and the second November emailing is due the first part of the week.

So, I'm typing away this weekend on a few technology tips and Internet ideas for the business blog.  I apologize to y'all who are friends of both me and biz_ozdachs... I'll be taking up extra real estate on your friends page for a few hours. (I don't trust my clients to be able to puzzle out LJ-cuts.)

It is fun putting together the blog items, though.  The first entry features this hot guy I met in Puerto Vallarta:
 Brown Iguana in Puerto Vallarta 

Business blog entry link for the details

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