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Feb. 14th, 2006 | 06:43 am

It is a criminal offense to use the Internet to "incite subversion," or to "divulge state secrets"...  The laws "safeguard the security of the State and the public interest."

I can almost hear Vice President Chaney's voice argue that the President has the Constitutional authority -- and the moral responsibility -- to vigorously enforce these reasonable security steps in the War Against Terror.

Except, of course, these are statements from a 2000 position paper from the Chinese National People's Congress on the Internet.  The Wall Street Journal Monday included them in a feature on a program called Freegate which allows Chinese to surf to sites their government doesn't want them to see. (Other story about Freegate that doesn't require a subscription as the WSJ does.)

I wonder if I should download Freegate for when the President's poll ratings slip again and he decides to get even firmer on the War on Terrorism.

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