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The Week for The Best Election Stories

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Oct. 28th, 2006 | 09:23 am

This week two years ago was the high point of the political year.  The polls, the pundits, and the political articles all talked about the coming Democratic tide that would sweep the true Evil Doers out of office.

I couldn't get enough of the feature stories that spotlighted the coming comeuppance facing one sanctimonious, flag-wrapped, terrorism-threatening office holder after another.  Finally, after four years of an Apocalypse-blinded President and a torture-supporting Congressional majority, the American people were going to throw out the self-dealing fear mongers and return to true American values. 

This week in 2006 the stories are similar.  Visions of ex-Senator Santorum, ex-Representative Tom Reynolds, and Speaker Pelosi are dancing through the pages of The Wall Street Journal, filling the airwaves, and decorating pages throughout the Internet.  I love reading, listening, and surfing through all these stories about the Democratic landslide that will rejuvenate the country. 

I will split my vote this year between some Republicans (2) and Democrats.  I generally believe in voting for the person, not just the party.  But this year, I simply cannot vote for any Republican for any Congressional race against any Democrat.  Any, any, any.

The Democrats need to control the House of Representatives and the Senate to counterbalance the overspending, wolf-crying, morals destroying Executive.  The country needs one branch of the government ready to question and to investigate. The flag-draped ineffective sanctimony that passes itself off as patriotic defense against terrorism cannot be allowed to run unchecked any longer.

Yes, I am enjoying the media stories of the restoration of common sense. But, this year, even with Democratic victory being predicted in all quarters, I continue to contribute and to try to convince. 

Convincing is especially needed. Telling friends and relatives in competitive states and districts to vote Democratic will change who wins the election.  Republican strategists purposely use negative ads to make people sick enough of the election to stay home, to say "it doesn't matter", to remain part of the non-voting majority.

But, it does matter. It matters a great deal.

Call home. Give money. And, call home again.

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