Galen of the Ozdachs Pack (ozdachs) wrote,
Galen of the Ozdachs Pack

Soulless Entertainers as Health Police

It's our attempt to remove ourselves from our own mortality that makes us so enthusiastic in finding a reason that someone gets sick and dies. Adam ate only fried food, so no wonder he had the heart attack.  Betty belched smoke all the time, so no wonder she got lung cancer.

But, KGO's only openly gay talk show host, Karel, has upped the ante in self-protective distancing. He's moved into blame:

"Let's be real, any gay man over 21 that contracts HIV in 2006 deserves it." (see )
Talk show performer KarelLike most talk show performers, Karel is often over the top. Apparently, in his case there is no decency in his scramble for ratings or there is no soul in that body.

His World AIDS Day commentary suggested that gay men in the United States should embrace calling AIDS a gay disease so that we could own it, fight it, and beat it. 

Going that far makes him an interesting thinker. Going further and saying that someone deserves AIDS makes him a silly and hurtful man. 

If you still smoke cigarettes, I will shake my head with worry. But, you don't deserve cancer.  If you eat three eggs and bacon daily, refuse to exercise, and weigh 300 pounds, I will shake my head with worry.  But, you don't deserve a heart attack.

Can a gay man stepping over the bounds of civility in his striving to be a celebrity be homophobic?  Would GLAAD be interested?

Bah! I'll just keep turning off KGO when Karel comes on.

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